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Elite Program

Every year, I will only recruit 8 students to join my Elite Program.

The goal of this program, is to train students to be the best of the best in Mathematics.

In my past experience, all my students, every year,  in the Elite program, are in the top of their class.

  • Extra homework other than class material

  • Training on challenging Math questions

  • Staying on top of Regular school class materials  

  • A close update of the performance from me to parents

For every applicant who are interested, please send an email directly to me,

at, or for further questions reach me at (852) 6203 3613. 

Every applicant will have to past a test, based on the students' year. The students will be recruited based on the performance of the test.

There will be a waiting list.

This is only available in Private class. 

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