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  • Private class or Small group class available


  • For small group class, we just need 2 person to start a group. Form a group now with your friends or classmates!

  • I teach every class myself, unlike other institutions that will force you to have classes with tutors you don't want.


Courses I offered :

  • IB Physics Standard Level 


  • IB Physics  Higher Level 

  • A-Level Physics 

  • GCSE & IGCSE Physics

Most of my students who enrol my Math classes also enrol my Physics classes.


 Students often find Physics very difficult, because schools do not  explain it very well, and it is hard to visualise the motions of Physics my yourself.

Keep in mind that Physics is derived from Mathematics. I will explain it with brevity.  


I will teach my students 3 key steps to tackle Physics problems:


  1. How to draw a diagram, ( once you understand the diagram, you get everything)

  2. How to set up math equations

  3. How to solve for the answer. 

 My students are from :

  • Chinese International School

  • Canadian International School

  • Diocesan Boys

  • ESF Schools

  • German Swiss International School

  • Harrow international school

  • Hong Kong International School

  • St Paul Co-educational College

  • Victoria International School

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