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Why students are not getting a good grade in Ib pre-school in Hong Kong?

Updated: Apr 27, 2021

In Hong Kong, most parents often wonder why their children are not getting a good score in Mathematics in IB programme.

They often come to me for help, and tell me that " My daughter has been very good in Math, I just don't know why she is not doing well in the IB. She seems to get all the right answer in the tests, but why she is only getting level 5? why not level 7 or 8?"

I have heard that many times, and the secret to the answer is " Rubrics". Yes, how to read the rubrics is the key to do well in IB. Every time when the teacher gives out an assessment, the front page of it are the rubrics, it stated that clearly what you need to do to get a certain level.

The teachers won't explain this to you, they won't even remind you to look at it before the test, but they will mark your test reference to these rubrics.

For instance if I am aiming for level 5, and lets keep it simple, say you need to

(i) calculate the answer for x

For level 7-8,

(i) calculate the answer for x

(ii) explain your answer

(iii) Verify your results.

Now, let's say you Only calculate the answer for x, what level you are aiming at ? you are only getting Level 5. And that is why students are not getting a good grade.

To get level 7-8, you need to do the following three things (i) calculate the answer for x,(ii) explain your answer, (iii) Verify your results.

So make sure you read the rubrics very carefully before doing the test. Constantly flip back to see what you need to do in order to obtain that level you targeting.

If you want to know more, feel free to contact me here !

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